Dead Snow! (Zombies, Nazis, and Hot Norwegian Women!) What more do you want?


I don’t usually start a post with a video, but holy fucking god damn shit!  Was that not the craziest fucking thing any of you have ever seen?  Wow!  Are you kidding me?

Pretty amazing shit.  Dead Snow, a Norwegian zombie flick that opened in their country on 1/9 and is set to open in the States hopefully sometime soon, combines everything that I love (Zombies and Hot Norwegian Women) with everything Scorp loves (Nazi’s and Hot Norwegian Women) with a dose of everything Butter’s loves (Chainsaws and hot Norwegian guys getting their balls munched on by Zombie Nazi’s)

Here is the basic plot of the movie:  A bunch of good looking Norwegian medical students head up to the mountains of Norway for a little bit of snowmobiling, a little bit of sex, and a little bit of partying.  Well, as they are exploring the area around the cabin that they are staying at, one of them discovers a box full of ancient Nazi gold!  It turns out that when the Nazi’s occupied Norway, they had some gold that belonged only to them (after they took it off of the dead bodies of the Norwegians).  Anyways, like a drunken gay pirate teacher at an all boy’s prep school, they return to claim what’s theirs…the cursed gold!

Going out on a limb here but there is a pretty good chance that either Uwe Boll is directing this movie or our friends to the northeast (where women are true blondes and grow to heights well over 6′) are making a funny!

Who cares!  This movie looks pretty amazing!  And will be a welcome addition to the Zombie genre!  Check out the trailer below!


And if this guy doesn’t haunt your wet dreams at night…you are the toughest son of a bitch on the planet…

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