Friday the 13th Surprisingly GOOD Remake Movie Trailer

Fans of the slasher genre have been treated to some well deserved (and not so deserved) remakes over the last several years.  From the very good Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes to the shit fest that was Rob Zombies Halloween, some have brought an innovative, fresh look to the genre and some should have died a long, long time ago in the brainstorming process (including some of the originals)

I have to say that when I was younger (early 80’s) I wasn’t much of a fan of slasher type movies but as I got older (late 80’s and dealt with more and more idiots that work at fast food drive thru’s) I started to appreciate their importance in our society. I remember the original Halloween’s 1 and 2, the first three Friday the 13th’s, the original Nightmare on Elm Street; these were yes, gory blood fests demonstrating the infinite amounts of ways to kill someone, but more importantly, they scared the absolute shit and piss out of me.

There is not one person on the planet that religiously watched these types of movies in the 80’s that still, when by themself, doesn’t look over their shoulders for that towering, shadowy killer lurking behind them.

Actually, the more that I think about it, my fear of “towering, shadowy” people lurking behind me might actually have stemmed from my days at Camp Stewart For Boys.  I’ll never forget my dad telling me years later that *I* should have been the one checking for ticks on my genitals rather than my camp counselor at the time, David Tinkle.  It wasn’t until I mentioned to my dad that I was David Tinkles pen pal and we had been sending topless pictures of each other back and forth that I realized that maybe my dad was right.

Anyways, Michael Bay, of the recent Transformers movie, and who is a fan of the genre, producing remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The Amityville Horror, The Hitcher (which I have to disagree with this one, was a dumb decision to remake), and upcoming remakes of The Birds and Nightmare On Elm Street, I was pleasantly surprised to hear, is involved with a remake of another slasher film from the 80’s and some might say the original:  Friday the 13th.

Yes, like everyone else, when you first hear “another Friday the 13th movie” you think, “which one is this one?” or “OH shit…not another one!”.  And although there have been 11 total in the series, the first two were classics and the third one (the 3D one) was the one that bridged good slasher to the remaining crap slashers 4 thru 11, I probably thought the same thing.  But still when someone like Bay is involved, you have to think that enough lends some credibility.  So I took the bait and checked out the trailer for the film and you want to know something, it actually wasn’t all that bad.

The film will not be a “period” piece like Michael Bays other previous remakes but will be set today and is not an “origin” piece but rather a re imagining of elements from the first three movies (with maybe a sprinkling of the 4th one).

Good old mom Voorhees is there (played by Deep Space Nine alumni, Nana Visitor).  I saw pics of Jason both with a hockey mask and with the original sack that he wore in 2.  There are elements of suspense, of obvious nods to the original slasher (crazy unbelievable kills and the original 13th score), some pretty decent acting (compared to other slasher genre flicks), and a couple of scenes that alone are enough to make me want to see more:  at 2:14 in the trailer there is a wicked scene of Jason about to seriously machete fuck up one of his victims and there is another scene right before it where one of the female leads calls out “Jason” in a way that someone’s mother would to their son.

So we may get some more insights into Jason Voorhees character background, obviously one of the great and influential villains in cinema history.  Anyways, check out the trailer below and decide for yourself and check out the movie Friday, February 13th (naturally) 2009.


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