We are cruising down the list now making our slow but steady progression all the way down to our hottest hotty of 2008. As we make this brief but not unimportant stop off at #8 I realized what had been missing so far. I decided to back track a little and revamp the list after I noticed there wasn’t one Cougar included. So here go with my big #8 of 2008:


You may know her as Jan from The Office, the legal jargon talking, pant suit wearing executive hotty that steams of the set. Melora is a Houston native, and even at 42 she is still smoking hot. Although she has more than 60 movie and television credits to her impressive resume she is still a somewhat over-looked actress. I will honestly say that I myself paid little attention to her until I saw her wielding here power in The Office. So I started doing a little research and found out that she has been a singer/actress beginning at the age of 10.

For you mad dog Office fans don’t plan on burning me at the stake because of here rather low ranking, she would have scored higher if she had some nude scenes to her credit. I searched high and low for those nude scene clips, candid beach shots or the faintest of nip slips but alas I have found nothing. So taking this into account during the scoring process she dropped to the 8th spot, still not to shabby for being 42. I hope my tits look that good at 42.

You can see her on the big screen next year in the Hannah Montana movie or just ogle the shit out of her here.







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