I love suspense (in case you could not tell) which is why I have kept you all in the dark for so long with my hottest babes list. I like to make you wait and yearn for the next installment but it isn’t only that, I have been wrestling with the remainder of the list. You see there are so many babes out there these days that narrowing down the list is hard. Many factors go into the list such as acting credits, accomplishments, nude scene credits, sluttiness and earnings.

So keeping all of this in mind try to remember that there are intangibles that help determine a babes placement on this list. Having said that I present our number 7 Hottest Babe of 2008, which I think Grumms will be happy with:

#7: KATE BECKINSALE          

This is one lovely lady. I first fell head over heels with her in Underworld. She was werewolf slaying hotty who was better with guns than Rambo. Born in July of 1973 this 35 year old is just below Cougar range, even though you couldn’t tell with that hard body. She is a native of England which cost her a few points here, but if she keeps losing that god awful accent, she may rank a little higher next year. She has a long list of acting credits including a few nude scenes and she has at least 2 more films slated for 2009. Like always, until then feel free to take in all of her hotness right here.    

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