Geek Flavors Hottest Babes

No…this is not 2008 anymore but I am still posting my hottest babes from last year. In fact we are only half way through my list. The reason you ask? I take my fucking time. The way I figure it I will be done just in time to start the list for 2009. So here we go:

#4 Nicole Kidman

I know there are some of you fellas out there who will disagree with me, those will say she is an old hag. Those who will say she is washed up. Those who will say she does not belong on this list. And do you know what “those” people are called? GAY! Remember kitties this list is comprised of and based on my own fucked up scoring system and she scored very high.

Nicole Kidman is graceful, elegant, worth a shit load of money and she has done full frontal. Not only all of that but she was able to escape the derranged clutches of Scientology mastermind Tom “bat shit crazy” Cruise. These are the reasons she is where she is, oh and she is an alright actress too. At 42 she is still stellar looking and the roles are still coming in. In the past 4 years she has had 8 movies released with 2 more scheduled for this year and 1 in the hopper for 2010. Now these may not be blockbusters. They may lack the big budget, a lot of big name stars, fancy sets, extreme CG, good dialogue or even a plot but they will all have her.

Yes after more than 26 years in the biz she is still knocking them dead and this is MY little worthless tribute to the best thing out of Australia, well best thing since Foster’s.

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