My Name is Bruce

 Bruce Campbell, what more can I say.  You either love him or hate him.  I for one think he is brilliant.  He really stayed out of the Bollywood spotlight and did not drown himself with 800 film projects.  If you have not heard, he will be starring in another movie “My Name is Bruce” releasing at select theaters around 10-26.  Basically some teenagers desecrating a cemetery unleash the Quan-di (the Chinese god of war) and they have no idea how to get rid of it.  Someone in the town comes up with the idea that Bruce Campbell knows how to kills demons, so they drive to where he is filming a movie and they kidnap him so he can come rescue the town.  The movie will probably be ridiculous, but who cares.  If Bruce Campbell is on the screen and he has his manly “B” cheesemo going, I will watch it over and over again.  If you want more info on the film go to Bruce’s website  Check out the trailer.[youtube][/youtube]

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