New Cast Pic From X-Men Origins: Wolverine

“Aint it Cool News” received a nice email from none other than Hugh Jackman concerning some of the recent reshoots (which to be honest, are necessary considering the very high bar set by Dark Knight)…but more importantly, check out the pic below that Jackman sent along with.

Couple of thoughts…first the pic is as bad ass as you can possibly get.  At this point, with the passion of Jackman alone, I just can’t see this movie being any short of incredible.  My only concern, and this was also expressed by Scorp to me not so long ago, is that they veer too far away from the comics that we remembered.  Yes replace the original yellow and blue costumes like they did in the X-Men movie series…but seriously, in this one Gambit at this point has regular eyes (I really don’t care too much about this as Gambit has always been one of my least favorite characters) and so far I have yet to see a pic of Deadpool WITH a mask.  I have complete faith that the movie will not disappoint, but definitely need to have a little bit for everyone.

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