New Terminator: Salvation Amazing Trailer!

Fans of the Terminator series have been hearing about the great Future War between humans and machines for three movies, a television series, several comics and a bunch of books running on nearly 25 years now (wow).  And to be honest, it has been a very frustrating 25 years of “that is cool and all but when the hell are they going to have the future war in the movies??”

Of course finally with the latest incarnation, Terminator: Salvation, the fan boys dream is finally coming to fruition as most of the film will take place during the war and as confirmed by McG (Charlies Angels, We Are Marshall), will not only cover how the Terminator was created (utilizing captured humans as models) but will also follow in the same spirit as Christopher Nolan’s Batman as it will be both a sequel and a prequel to the original films.

By the way, if you haven’t watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox, you really are missing a pretty incredible show that goes into a lot of the back story of the Terminator universe including more in depth canon about Skynet and the various scientists and technicians that influenced the design of what would eventually become the Terminator. Cool shit.

The movie stars Christian Bale, Sam Worthington (of the upcoming Clash of the Titans AND Avatar movies), Anton Yelchin (Chekov in the new Star Trek movie), Bryce Dallas Howard (Spider Man 3, Good Dick (wtf??) and Ron Howard’s little baby girl), Common (Smokin Aces, Wanted, and the rumored Green Lantern in the Justice League movie), and Helena Bonham Carter (Planet of the Apes and Bellatrix in the Harry Potter movies)

Seriously folks, this cast is fucking unreal!

Wait!  There’s more! Roland Kickinger (the guy that played the Hulk in Disaster Movie and Arnold Schwarzenegger in some made for TV movie called “See Arnold Run”) is also in it, playing Schwarzenegger’s original Terminator role from the first three films.

This isn’t Roland’s Hulk version in Disaster Movie, but THIS is my favorite Hulk from Scary Movie.


And if the above casting call wasn’t enough, Jane Alexander (who is in Michael Bay’s The Unborn and who was also in The Ring.  She is just an old actress…no need to see a pic of her) and the great Michael Ironside (who has been in all kinds of awesome shows from V, to Top Gun, to Total Recall, to Starship Troopers, to voicing Darkseid in the Justice League cartoon) are also in it.  Whew!

Anyways, the cast looks fucking incredible.  The film, the first that will not have the time traveling element of the previous two films is set in 2018…

(quick side note…thank god we get to time travel in 9 years (assuming that everything I watch in movies is real).  I’ve been wanting to travel back to 1977 to kick Lucas in the balls for casting Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Mark’s voice work lately (Joker in the animated series and recently on the World War Z audio book) is second to none and he probably would have done it anyways after his work on the movie Wizards).  But fuck he made Luke a gigantic space pussy.  And no sorry…I know Lucas obviously has a fetish for that sort of thing (see Ziro the Truman Capote inspired Hutt) but look Luke, along with Han, were the main male leads that would influence legions of fan boys for 30 freakin years.  You can’t cast a big giant butter puss as one of the main leads in what would be the greatest space epic of all time!!  Mark Hamill you are a cool, cool dude, but even you admit that your stuff from the original Star Wars sucked)

No one can ever say “Han?  No way! LUKE was MY favorite kick ass hero from the original trilogy.  That’s who I want to be when I grow up!”  Yeah…well maybe some of us did…Mark Hamill…maybe some of us did.  I still have the damn Luke Skywalker wig!!  I still freakin have it!!

Anyways, here he was at Comic Con this past summer still playing his Luke character.


All right, sorry for the rant…back to Terminator…the film is set in 2018 and deals primarily with Skynet and their machines against the humans.  Exactly what we have all been waiting for!  Woo hoo!

And the trailer looks simply amazing.  I love the “Road Warrioresque” Skynet motorcycle scene (at least I’m assuming that’s what they are) and the last scene with the big ass Transformer like Terminator machine…un-freakin-real.

Movie is set to release May 22nd in North America and you can bet your cute little ass I’ll be there first night waiting in line with everyone else.  Check out the trailer below.


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