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'Watchmen' Theatrical Trailer @ Yahoo! Video

New trailer for the Watchmen showing exclusively on Yahoo and yes, I’m starting to have some concerns.  Not because of the story because it’s an amazing story that has been emulated in a lot of stories that have come since (most recently the Linderman sub plot on the t.v. show Heroes…Season 1).  The graphics should be nothing short of amazing and Zach knows his shit (300).

But my concern is going to be in the under 21 crowd (shit maybe even the under 25 crowd).  “Not enough action”…”what they hell is everyone talking about” “is it me or do all of these heroes seem gay”.  There is a very deep political, sociological message with the Watchmen that reflects where we were in the 80’s and in many respects where we are now…the power and greed in the world and the decisions that are made probably daily that affect the livelihood of billions.

Sure Alan Moore had an underlying purpose when he penned this graphic novel back in the 80’s (e.g. not only examining the power struggles of the Reagan era, but also looking at the sub-Freudian motivations behind a super heroes genesis…as well as just to straight up fuck with peoples heads) but nearly 30 years later, it still can be applied to today America…where are our heroes?…(or is Obama the hero we so desperately need…or maybe we really don’t need?).

Anyways, the movie should still kick ass, even if the legions of under 21 year olds go WTF when they see it.  Rorschach is still bad ass, Night Owl still has the best gadgets, and there should be some amazing artful and gratuitiously violent/bloody scenes…rest assured with Zach involved.  Can’t wait.  Oh and the Dr. Manhattan I know is blue butt and balls naked…and I never imagined his voice to sound like that…

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  1. HOLY FUCK dude its that damn horrible batman voice. That shit is the only fucking stupid thing in The Dark Knight… And aparently in this movie too.

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