Ninja Scroll the Movie (Can DiCaprios Appian Way make it?)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way is taking on some extremely challenging manga movies over the next few years (Akira and Ninja Scroll), but like the legions of Ninja Scroll fans out there, I am very, very concerned about a live action film of NS.  Don’t get me wrong, I want them to make it.  It is simply one of the most incredible movies period…any genre…any medium.  The brutality, the story, the crazy villains and one of the greatest heroes of any story…it has inspired me in my creativity and in many ways reminded me so much of my youth…playing with my Star Wars, GI Joe, and Tron figures (well I only had one…Sark, but that thing was so well designed that, unlike the crap that was the “GI Joe action figure”.  Sark would literally knock limbs and heads off of GI Joe and my Star Wars figures when I would let him go fisticuffs against them)

My favorite thing to do, alone in the jungle (outside of putting leaves on my penis like a present, singing Happy Birthday to me, and then opening MY gift)  was to recreate the Boushh/Hoth Han Solo wedding with Robin Boy Wonder and Scarlett from GI Joe as best man and best bride, and also have Jedi Luke be the ring bearer.  When everything was happy and just before Hoth Han kissed Boushh, I would have Sark light cycle in, rip the heads off of Boushh and Hoth Han Solo, kick the shit out of Scarlett and Robin and  butt fuck Luke in front of everyone else…good memories…

Anyways, outside of my immediate concerns of who will play Jubei and the 8 Devils of Kimon, how the hell can Appian Way represent the raw brutality that was in the original Ninja Scroll?  I keep thinking of Max Payne.  What a bad ass, bloody action game…only to be tagged with a PG-13 rating and be an abomination at the movies .   WTF were they thinking…(Zach Snyder got it right with 300)

Ninja Scroll is callous, unforgiving, bloody and unmerciful. In order to capture the spirit that is Ninja Scroll, Appian Way is going to have to go balls to the fucking wall and not pull any punches.  They have signed Alex Tse (of Zach Snyder’s Watchmen) to write the script so definitely a good start…but my first of many plea’s to Appian Way and Leo DiCap…DON’T FUCK THIS UP! (Spiderman 3…hello??)  A lot more shit to come from NS as we get closer to the 2011 release…

In the interim for those of you who haven’t seen the movie, here’s a good taste of Ninja Scroll:  check out this fan made vid trailer created in a Grindhouse style from “It’s a Trap!” Production.  Pretty cool shit.


2 thoughts on “Ninja Scroll the Movie (Can DiCaprios Appian Way make it?)


    Warner Bros and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way are taking over the Ninja Scroll movie but the rights are handed over by Threshold Entertainment back in 2002.
    So I think if Threshold would team up with Warner Bros,Appian Way and Madhouse to co-produce the movie so they will work on the project.
    Warner is also working on another anime movie Akira and DiCaprio is producing.
    So Ninja Scroll will be a co-production by Madhouse Studio,Warner Bros,Appian Way and Threshold Entertainment.
    Thank You.

  2. Appreciate the information man. I read that Ninja Scroll 2 (anime sequel to the original) is still in the works with Madhouse along with Yoshiaki Kawajiri (or at least Yoshiaki still needs to approve a final script). Either way, if you are a fan of the series, there is only good stuff in store for us and certainly we as fans can’t go wrong with Warner Bros, Appian and Madhouse collaborating.

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