Nolan Talks Dark Knight 3 and Extra Goodies on the Forthcoming DVD Release

On the eve of the DVD release of one of the greatest super hero movies (if not THE greatest movie) of all time…V For Vendetta…

Uh…yeah…sorry Scorp (and all of the crazy V For Vendetta fans out there…yes, I did see you at the Renaissance festival a few weeks ago…and just one question, why exactly were you there?  I don’t get it.  The last thing I want to see is some dope dressed like “V” OR Jack Sparrow when I should be seeing bards and women with tons of cleavage serving beer, and beheadings, and guys shooting crossbows, and real god damn knights with bright shiny metallic cock pieces!), sorry got side tracked…but that abysmal pile of donkey shit called “V” wouldn’t even make my top 500…I have attempted to watch that movie twice and have successfully fallen asleep twice.

anyways…of course I mean…on the eve of the DVD release of….The Dark Knight!….Chris Nolan took some time out of his, I’m sure, busy schedule counting money to spit out his thoughts to a USA Today scribe about the possibilities of a Dark Knight 3 and his ideas on the pending DVD release tomorrow.

And yes my little Dark Knight and Joker wanna bee’s, fans, freaks, and even you Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs wearing your winning Spiderman/Winnie the Pooh hybrid costume from this past Halloween (and also pictured holding up the gold medal at this past summers Special Olympics)…

…there is (yeah you knew it) some good news and unfortunately some bad news.

The good news is Chris Nolan (who with both incarnations of his Batman movie creations has generated over $1.4 worldwide in ticket sales) is actually working on an outline of his thoughts of what the story of DK3 would be.  That number alone, along with the fact that the Dark Knight is the second highest grossing film in history, dictates that a third movie will probably be made by Warner Brothers…I would imagine with or without Chris Nolan.  Hollywood will suck this franchise dry…there is no doubt about it.

Oh and for those keeping track at home, yes the Riddler will be in the next movie (no I do not have any insider information, but seriously, what other villain can be in it…no other villain really makes sense.  Trust me on this one folks).  And secondly, my ultimate bold prediction is that the GREAT Daniel Day Lewis (yes mother fuckers, the greatest actor of all time) will play the part of the Riddler. Can you just imagine how fucking bad ass that would be?  NO other actor could play that part and give Heath his due like Lewis could.

Here is his SAG acceptance speech at the beginning of the year also honoring Heath.


And here he is as Bill the Butcher…awesome!


But naturally, the bad news is that Nolan has a lot of reservations about making a third movie.  “How many good third movies in a franchise can people name?” he asks and you might be hard pressed to name a GOOD “third” movie in a trilogy off the top of your head.  Or would you…
Let’s see…

Return of the Jedi

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

LOTR Return of the King

The Bourne Ultimatum

X-Men 3

Look Who’s Talking Now

Ocean’s 13

Once Upon A Time in Mexico was pretty good

Beyond Thunderdome wasn’t THAT bad…

Seriously, I can see the issues that some recent movies have had with the third in a series (Pirates of the Caribbean being one of them) but knowing what Nolan did with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, there is no doubt that if a third is made, he will know how to handle it’s production.  “The worst thing you could do now that you’ve gotten the plane back in the air is mess up the landing.”   Agreed Mr. Nolan.

As far as extras on the DVD, it looks like there will be no “deleted scenes” or “gag reels” or anything like that, which will probably disappoint the legions of Ledger fans expecting to see more footage of him in what was probably his greatest role.  According to Nolan “I don’t think it’s respectful to the actors, who signed on to have their performance on screen, not the takes that didn’t work out. It discourages actors from going all-out if they think every mistake is going on the disc.”  Although I don’t completely disagree with this, I believe it would have been a fitting tribute to see the lighter side of Heath as a contrast to his intense Joker character. Hopefully he’ll get his due recognition from the Academy either through a supporting actor nomination or a victory Feb 22nd.

Until then, enjoy the great Dark Knight movie (on Blu Ray of course) and don’t forget to ask yourselves at some point tomorrow…Why so serious??

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  1. Ok, dude I love V for Vendetta. Sorry, and no I am not a fag for liking that movie. Dude I disagree that Daniel Day Lewis is the best actor ever. Personally I thought that his performance in several of his stuff was alright. No, I don’t think he should be the riddler.

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