Moore Eye For The Straight Guy

Just came across an article on yahoo that Roger Moore is upset about how violent James Bond has become with the inception of Daniel Craig’s version.  What the fuck is wrong with this guy?  You know, Roger Moore was MY freakin Bond.  He was cool, funny, and a straight up cheese ball.  And still one of the best.  But for Christ’s sake, why the hell is he saying that Bond, a guy that has killed something like 600 people in all of the movies combined, is too violent?  Fucking Licensed to Kill!  Well, I think the following video and picture says it all…damn…Can’t wait til Friday to check out the REAL James Bond…

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″][/youtube]

4 thoughts on “Moore Eye For The Straight Guy

  1. Have you even seen Roger Moore lately? He looks like a dried up prune. Fucking old man. His comments don’t mean squat to me anymore. He probably shit his depends while doing that interview. Such a shame cause he will always be the 2nd greatest 007. And NO Daniel Craig is not #1…

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