Remake Madness! Two Huge Remakes in the Works: They Live and Romancing the Stone

According to the Hollywood Reporter, there are two huge remakes in the works, They Live and Romancing the Stone, and rest assured one needs to be remade…and for the other one, this topic should never be brought up again…ever.

Back in November we talked about how awesome a remake of “They Live” would be today, sans the 80’s cheese.  Bring back Rowdy Roddy Piper and Keith David, alone for their original awesome fight scene, if not for the entire flick, (but this time let David not get his ass capped at the end.  God damn that scene really pissed me off). Expand on the back story of the aliens and improve the special effects and this movie would be epic!  Strike Entertainment (who is also working on a remake of the classic “The Thing” and “The Creature From the Black Lagoon” as well as is involved with the 2004 remake “Dawn of the Dead”) along with Universal Studios is currently in negotiations to acquire the rights.  Eric Newman and Marc Abraham are slated to produce and yes John Carpenter is involved as the executive producer (Shep Morgan, an entrepreneur that financed the original currently holds the rights).  Hopefully Carpenter tosses in some of his trademark soundtracks.  Absolutely can’t wait for this one.

On the other hand, why in the fuck are they considering remaking “Romancing the Stone”?  I can see remaking a movie as a result of mediocre graphics, or as a reimagining, but the original RtS is a timeless classic. I can’t see in any way they can improve on that one, outside of actually having Eddy Grants song in the closing credits, or anywhere in the movie for that matter (and no the guitar solo in the flick doesn’t count).

Hopefully this is just some intentionally leaked red herring and Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny DeVito are all planning on the final film of the trilogy (or fuck it just cast Eddy Grant in the movie.  Come on, if you came home and he was lying on your bed naked singing this song “Where the unicorn is the last one to the watering hole“, would you do him?)  And yes he is the only mother fucker on the planet that can turn a machete into an electric guitar by tossing it into the air…the guy is a god!

In the interim, enjoy the classic original!


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