Sin City and 300s Frank Miller Taking On Buck Rogers On The Big Screen!

It looks like Frank Miller (300, Sin City, The Spirit) and his production company Odd Lot Entertainment are in discussions to bring Buck Rogers to the big screen.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Miller will write and direct the flick and it is expected to take on a darker side following more of his film noir themes and visuals of his previous works Sin City and The Spirit.  Although Miller is currently mulling over a Sin City 2, this would no doubt be a priority project for him.

Ok…I gotta stop right there.  What the holy twiki shit was the publicist for Buck Rogers thinking by taking that ridiculous Step Brothers style picture?  Seriously who thought, “let’s do a high school prom picture with Buck and Wilma and then toss in some bad ass rainbow fire in the background!  This shit will be awesome!”

Sorry Gil, but this picture alone killed your career. Reptisaurus?  Come on man?

Whatever…Buck Rogers has had numerous incarnations including comic strips, novels, radio, and film but the most notable was the television series that aired from 1979 to 1981, of course, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. 

I watched the 80’s television series and even though Gil Gerard was serviceable as Buck, Erin Gray and Princess Ardala were the real reasons any heterosexual males watched that show (oh yeah Hawk was cool too but not in a “if you were naked on my bed, I would do you” sort of way…although don’t lie if you didn’t wonder just once, what Hawk looked like with no pants. Come on mother fuckers, I can’t be the only one!).

This is probably more along the lines of what you are looking for…


I did not watch “The Spirit” but Sin City was great…and the 300 graphic novel I still read every once in awhile (because it shows nudity versus the movie) but I hope Frank get’s it and realizes that “dark”, especially with this series is ultimately the way to go.  Dive right into the “mongels”, sci fi and sex this shit up.  Don’t pull any punches…screw a PG rating.  There should be no limits with Buck Rogers…That’s my take.  And no more cheese…

Seriously, wtf is this shit??  Han Solo meets Sonic Waitress? Why?? (nice legs though…but impossible to jack off to because Gil Gerard is LOOKING RIGHT AT ME!)

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