Soundwave Transformer Pics! Revenge of the Fallen

Thanks to the guys over at, pic’s (of the official toy line, no movie pics yet) of the greatest Transformer ever! (yeah my opinion, screw you Megatron fans) are starting to come out and I all I can say is that although I’m initially disappointed (I’m still a fan of the G1 Soundwave), they are following the same line of jagged edged Transformers from the first flick (which is good as far as continuity is concerned).

Honestly, I wish they would just make a spin off movie trilogy with just Soundwave stranded on an island after a plane crash (with his imaginary friend Frenzy) learning how to survive all the while dreaming of what happened to his long lost love, Megatron.  Is he alive?  Is he still thinking about him?  Did he marry?  Instant best movie of all time!

Anyways, here are the pic’s the toy as well as a fan made video review of it.  Pretty cool stuff.


And here is a vid of Soundwave on a loop ejecting Rumble and Laserbeak with some rave music in the background.  Enjoy!


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