Star Trek Trailer Showing on You Tube!

By the time you read this, it’ll probably be taken down off and besides by tomorrow you should be able to see it on the Star Trek Movie website, but DAMN, this shit looks CREAMY!  And if Spockylar doesn’t cut off peoples head’s WHILE doing the vulcan hammer claw or whatever the hell it’s called (sorry, I’m still a Star Wars fan at heart), I’m gonna be REALLY disappointed.

Nah, fuck that, this movie is going to be amazing…and yes, despite my love for Star Wars and current hatred for George Lucas (a gay fucking Hutt that sounds like Truman Capote?  God damn Lucas, what next, a gay Luke Skywalker??), I will be there first night, at midnight, semi drunk with Escorpion and Hellfire on my right and left like two glistening testicles guarding their prize and a belly fool of FIBER One (so I can spread my bottom molecules to everyone sitting beside me and directly in front and back).  Can’t wait!

Check out the trailer before it goes POOF!


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