Stephen Sommers Talks GI Joe Movie

After the first round of shitty pictures hit the web from the GI Joe movie, I, like the zillions of GI Joe fans out there have mumbled, grumbled and complained about how the pics looked and whether or not Stephen Sommers is going to fuck up our youth (like the “other one” has…thank you G.L.).  Well it appears that after those pics, the GI Joe “damage control” machine is in full effect.

First, there has been this interesting little rumor floating around (I think it’s planted…either way I’ll tell you in a bit why it’s a bad idea) that Sienna Miller’s awesomely voluptuous outfit has been “breastfully altered” because Miller has small boobies and Sommers has a penchant for LARGE ones.

Below is a shot of Sienna practicing her snorkeling skills.

And here is a shot of her as the Baroness.  Not much of a difference if you ask me.

But I know exactly what they are doing.  This has been tried many times before when production studios attempt to use different marketing techniques to generate interest in a movie.

From Batman’s nipples…

To Superman’s cock…

From the gratuitous unnecessary male nudity in Beastmaster (and any of the “reimagines” that followed)

To leaked pic’s of the costume design for Thor’s villain in the upcoming 2010 movie

Using costumes as a marketing tool just doesn’t work.  Sorry.  And besides, WHO isn’t going to be looking at Sienna Miller’s costume with big boobs or not.  Sommer’s denies any of this of course…but a little controversy always helps…until the movie comes out and it is a big pile of shit.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he also talks about how he is a huge fan of the old James Bond movies, specifically the Sean Connery era and that those movies greatly influenced GI Joe.  There is an underwater fight sequence in the movie that according to him is Thunderball times 10.  Once again, the great thing about “Dark Knight” was that there were no comparisons of style to anything else.  Dark Knight was…”Dark Knight”.  If Sommers is already going to the “costume distraction” card and attempting to justify the move that he made, it tells me there are already big time issues with this flick.  Hope I’m wrong.

9 thoughts on “Stephen Sommers Talks GI Joe Movie

  1. i have been watching GI Joe cartoons since childhood. a year ago, i was thinking why Hollywood has not yet created a movie version of GI JOE. I am very happy now that i can watch a movie version of my favorite cartoon show.

  2. I really love following heroes episodes, it started from boring to a good tv show now. After watching first few eps, I thought, its just an xmen copy. But now its exciting, I really hope the new season will be aired sooner.

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