The Haunted World of El Superbeasto Cometh

Alright all you CRAZED Rob Zombie fans The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is in the editing room and it looks like we are gonna finally get a stab at this movie around early 2009.  This has been a long haul of a project for Zombie.  It has taken him 3 years to get where he is right now and frankly I am gonna be honest- if this movie sucks, don’t look for Zombie to get picked up by a major motion Bollywood company for a while.  The guy is super-fucking-bad-ass and I think he is a talented mind, but after the pile of elephant shit remake that Halloween was, he just needs to knock one out of the park with this animated adult film.

But let’s take a step back.  Haven’t we seen adult oriented animated movies before?  Let me take a little nostaliga medicine…ahhh yes how could we ever forget the 1980’s cult animated classic…

This movie had it all;  drugs, nudity, sex, kick ass music, sex with robots, Taarna, sex with animals (or aliens?), cussing, nudity, space shit, earth shit, shit to fuck with your mind, John Candy doing his voice talents, stupid idiots, cool ass characters, sex with robots, and hot ass women characters that definitely gave every teenage guy a reason to lock his door and hide under the sheets.  Man I remember the first time I ever saw this movie, I actually thought I was watching some new porno/slasher/hardcore film and I was scared shitless that my parents were gonna walk in my room and catch me watching it.


Rob Zombie has to push the envelope with Superbeasto.  He was quoted on a radio station saying that “All these animators from studios like Disney came to work on it, and [they’re thrilled because] they get to work on something filthy. It’s probably rated XXX now, but we’ll have to cut it back to an R.”  This is great fucking hope for all of us animated fans.  We need more filth.  Nothing gets my sack flaring like a good dose of hardcore animation.  And just knowing that Zombie recruited some Disney animators to help out on his film is just more reassurance that this movie might have what it takes to replace the classic Heavy Metal.

For those of you not keeping up with Zombie after he left us all blue balled from the not-so good, wait I mean pile of elephant shit remake of Halloween, El Superbeasto is a comic series that Zombie has written over the years.  The premise behind the story is simple-a washed up Mexican luchador (El Superbeasto) and his sister (Suzi-X) ride around and kick the shit out of bad people.  Their nemesis is the evil Dr. Satan and they live in the world of Monsterland.

Holy Crapola…look its Captain Spalding.

Zombie has recruited some pretty good talent for the voices in the movie.  Paul Giamatti is voicing for Dr. Satan, Geoffrey Lewis as Lenny, the ever so lovely Sheri Moon Zombie as Suzi-X, Tom Papa as the front man El Superbeasto and the list continues with some other really good talents and Zombie favorites.

Lets just hope that Zombie pulls this one off.  Trust me, I am hoping that this works.  The guy fucking rocks, but he just made a fatal flaw in well you know.  House of 1000 Corpses and its 2nd The Devils Rejects are two of my favorite films so I am really wanting Zombie to come out on top on this one.  I can promise you this-if this animated film sucks, then I will definitely not have any drive to go out and watch his next feature film Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I am lying.  I will go watch it.

3 thoughts on “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto Cometh

  1. Maybe I just have that damn song Dragula still stuck in my head after all these years and yeah I went to see the Devils Rejects with you and maybe I’m pissed that the bounty hunters, Diamond Dallas Page and Danny Trejo sucked (I had some high expectations) or maybe it was the damn ending…I dunno, but I just can’t get into anything he makes anymore.

    I like Giamatti so maybe I’ll watch a little bit of it but fuck it’s roughly the equivalent of watching a fat guy take a dump…sure it’s neat and interesting at first, but after awhile it just smells like shit.

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