There and Back Again: Del Toro Talks Hobbit, Smaug, Frankenstein and Hellboy 2

Guillermo del Toro, director of the upcoming two-fer of the Hobbit, as well as the Hellboy movie series, Pan’s Labyrinth, the upcoming Frankenstein, and the very awesome Mimic, sat down with Crave Online answering questions about the release of the Hellboy 2 DVD and the Hobbit, set to release in 2011.

I’m not going to lie to you, I saw Hellboy 2 with Scorp and Butters and we all pretty much thought it was a big pile of poo (yes it got great reviews by the media and Rotten Tomatoes (something like 80% there.  Hello media?  Chronicles of Riddick?  30%?  I hate you all).  Anyways, the effect’s were as usual, amazing and the creatures, as is signature with del Toro, were out of this world, but the story was just bland. Being a fan of the original Hellboy, I expected a lot more from this one, specifically the end sequence starting with Northern Ireland and ending with the Golden Army.  I honestly almost fell asleep during that part and it should have been the highlight of the movie.

Despite all of that, if the story is not yet completely finished (which obviously the end of HB2 alluded to this) and del Toro has another one in him, I would absolutely see this movie.  Just possibly work with another writer to assist with the finished story please Mr. del Toro…tighten it up a bit (and I say this as a huge, huge fan).  The character, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen was the most interesting character from the first film and how del Toro expanded on the back story made him even more interesting.  Either bring him back somehow or create a similarly enthralling kick ass villain (once again Prince Nuada was not that villain).


Ok enough of that…here is an excerpt from the Crave Online interview:

Crave Online: It was at Hellboy II press junket, you told me about designing puppets for The Hobbit with real muscles. That just made my day, so how is that going?

Guillermo del Toro: That’s going to start early next year, the developing of that and we are talking about certain creatures. There are so many more creatures to be explored in The Hobbit that were not explored in Lord of the Rings, that we want to do a muscle system, radio control driven suit for a couple of things.
Crave Online: Would that be how you do Smog?

Guillermo del Toro: No, Smog is THE creature in The Hobbit. The way Tolkien wrote it already is magnificent. It’s already a fantastic character. So obviously dragons, you ask every person what their best favorite dragon is, they will give you a different answer. In my mind, what we’re going to attempt on the design of this creature and the creation of this creature needs to push the envelope beyond anything you’ve ever seen on that kind of creature. There is some stuff that has been done with dragons that I find there are very few landmarks created for me. One of the best, one of the strongest landmarks that almost nobody can overcome is Dragonslayer. The design of the Vermithrax Pejorative is perhaps one of the most perfect creature designs ever made. So what you have to be careful is not to try to be distinctive just to be distinctive, but Smog has certain characteristics that make him unique already. I cannot. I am bursting at the seams about spilling the beans but I won’t because I would be shot.

Awesome, awesome stuff.  As good as the effects were in the Lord of the Ring Trilogy, there is no doubt that when these two movies come out, they will be nothing short of amazing.  I’m sure with Peter Jackson’s influence, and with del Toro’s vision, the Hobbit will hopefully put the LOTR trilogy to shame (and I mean that in a good way).  I’m really looking forward to Bard the Bowman’s infamous shot of Smaug, more of the Dwarves that were absent in the LOTR trilogy, and  the Battle of Five Armies.  Should be great!

Below is a bunch of guys and gals that got together to recreate the famous Battle of Five Armies scene (including Jack Sparrow and some Furries (sorry was looking for a good pic of that battle from the cartoon and found this crap).  Is it just me or are most of the Furries either dog’s or cat’s…or wolves or tigers or shit like that.  Why not more gorillas or monkeys, or chimpanzees?

Elves in anything (even those Keebler elves in the commercials) always look supremely effeminate.  Why?  Is that how Tolkien envisioned them?  I don’t get it.

But the Orcs, including these guys, look like the amazing.

And Jack Sparrow, why the hell were you here?  You know, I saw (and got my picture taken with) Jack Sparrow at the Star Wars convention this past year in Los Angeles.  Why?  I see that guy everywhere.  The last movie was abysmal.  If you own the costume, wait about 20 years, then start wearing it again.  You’ll be cooler than you can ever imagine.  If everyone else (including the Elves) that went to this event had any balls, they would have taken turns sodomizing this dope.

A purple wolf with a cut off.  You know there was ton’s of rabid gay Furry sex at the Battle of Five Armies event…guaranteed.

Oh and Peter Jackson and del Toro, I love your work but I know you both are Furries…come on…admit it.

Anyways…a little bit in regards to Frankenstein

Crave Online: What do you think are the pros and cons of the Karloff and the Branagh versions?

Guillermo del Toro: I think there are zero cons on the Karloff versions. Obviously, the James Whale version, the two movies, they stand as the holy grail for me. They are untouchable and they are their own thing. The Branagh thing, what happens is before I saw the movie, I read Frank Darabont’s screenplay. It’s not figuratively, I cried. I thought, “This is perfect. It’s the Frankenstein movie.” And the movie was so different from the screenplay that it’s not even comparable for me. So I still think that the Frank Darabont screenplay with the Bernie Wrightson illustrations, the way Frank put it together, that’s the movie I would have loved to see. It’s not going to be. It’s never going to be. So but any iteration of the myth, I’m attracted to it whether it’s Roy Batty in Blade Runner or it is Frankenstein Conquers the World. I enjoy all of them. I love Abbott and Costello. I really love that movie and I’m a Frankenstein freak. The way Peter Jackson is with King Kong, I am with Frankenstein. It’s the holy grail of movies for me

I guess that would also include “Frankenstein” from Death Race 2000? And no mention of De Niro’s “creature” from the 90’s flick huh?  Hmm.

Admittingly I’m not a fan of the traditional “period” Frankenstein’s monster, but I think that science of today is closer to ever to producing some sort of monster resembling “Frankenstein”.  I’m a huge fan of the zombie genre and I believe that reanimation is more plausible than Vampirism, Lyncanthropy, or a “mummy” (looking at the traditional movie monsters).  So that realism aspect is probably what makes this “genre” interesting.  I’m sure when you have someone that is very passionate like del Toro, Jackson, Snyder with their specific projects, we are going to be the ones that reap the benefits so regardless of everything I said, I’m still looking forward to this movie.

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