Okay stop the damn presses.  I was in the middle of writing something else and during the midst of doing some research so you guys would have some good water cooler knowledge I ran across something that made me stop writing and start writing this.  In 1982 Disney brought the world on of the greatest films of all time and to this day if it is on TV I will nearly break my fucking ass to plant it down on my couch and watch it.  Sure Star Wars was out there, but no other film to date brought the wonderful visual effects that this movie is known for.  It also had a killer teen masturbator’s story line that any 1980’s gamer and beginning computer fag would just cream over.  Jeff Bridges was 33 when he made this film and I have loved him ever since.  The movie was TRON and to this day remains one of my top movies of all time.  Well in 2011 we will get to see the next generation of this movie titled TR2N.  It first previewed at Comic-Con 2008 and some gracious viewers were able to capture and post this video.  Check it out.  The Light Cycles look amazing and they actually move like real bikes.  Now this is only for the true Tron fans; if you remember the light cycles on the arena grid could only make 90 degree turns.  Once Flynn, Tron and RAM broke out of the grid, the light cycles actually started to handle more like real motorcycles.  I am sure Flynn has updated the game arena grid  so now the light cycles handle like a modern cycle.  Oh my god I cannot stop creaming myself.  I am just pissed that we have to wait another 3 years for this film.  Oh well.  It better be nothing less than FUCKING FANTASTIC!

“It’s just a game!  It’s just a game!”

“Not any more!”


One thought on “TR2N

  1. Holy shit…that movie is going to be amazing. Just browsed the web and although it’s not very clear, the yellow cyclist is a young Jeff Bridges. Also, Bruce Boxleitner (the original Tron) although per him has not been approached, he said he is open to anything. Would be great to get him on board as well…Cindy Morgan (original Tron and Caddyshack fame) still looks good. Bring her back as well 😉

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