New Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Pics (Is Michael Bay Jerking Our Optimus Prime Again?)

Michael Bay is famous for being, hard on actors (e.g. Scorp was telling me a story that during the filming of the Shia LaBeouf scene in the last Transformers movie where he is holding the All-Spark at the top of that building and Megatron is coming up to kick his ass yelling “BOY this” and “BOY that”, that Shia was actually a little tentative about going out on the ledge, and Bay basically told Shia “Look cock sucker, I don’t care if you are screwing Megan Fox over and over and over and over again and again and again…god damn, AGAIN?? I will replace your dumb ass in a heart beat with Greg Grunberg, because that mother fucking actor will do ANYTHING!  And he can act! No one can touch the Grunberg stare!  No one!”).

Ok, fine I ad-libbed the actual dialogue…but you weren’t there were you?  It COULD have sounded like that…

So yeah, in addition to Bay being hard on actors, he is also known for his fast paced editing, crazy action sequences, long golden boy hair flowing in the wind like Legolas in Lord of the Rings, a complete disregard for continuity (Bumblebee a camaro?), love for the US military, a taste for young Guatemalan boys, and he has been known, especially with this franchise to let some information out that may or may not be true, so that he can fool us “fan boys” into thinking something we shouldn’t. (the shit actually works though you know). Here is an article back in April where he did just that…sneaky little devil….

So it is with this in mind, that I bring you these exclusive pics from a website called lininguptv, that reportedly show what people speculate as “The Fallen”, the robot monster that apparently brings the Autobots and Decepticons together to fight against it.

What the hell are they of?  Who knows! Is there some religious, Da Vinci Code  type of nonsense shit heavily influencing the new movie?  I have no idea!  Is Michael Bay sprinkling more of his Decepticon magic? Probably.  But with these pictures, the Transformers website is also reporting that the admin for Michael Bay’s blog, Shoot For the Edit, is saying on that SFE Blog forum, that this coming Monday, Dec 29th, there will be official movie pics from TF2, hitting USA Today and Empire. Either way, knowing Michael Bay like I know Michael Bay (I honestly just have a bunch of pictures of him in strategic areas of my bathroom so that it appears that wherever I am in it, he is watching me), he’s definitely, in one way or another, jerking our fucking chains!

Great news for us!

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