Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Trailer to Show during The Day the Earth Stood Still? (oh and some Megan Fox pics too!)

According to Transformers Live Action Movie Blog, the Revenge of the Fallen trailer was finished “about month ago” and there is a really, really good chance that it will be shown during the movie remake The Day the Earth Stood Still, on Dec 12th.

Knowing how Michael Bay is, I don’t really trust any source of information until it becomes official, but regardless of his eccentric ways, the Wolverine trailer will be showing during The Day the Earth Stood Still so what do you have to lose? (outside of another shitty performance from Keanu?)

Here are the pic’s of Megan Fox sitting on some other guys lap.  You know, I’ll be really disappointed if by the third movie she isn’t sitting on Optimus Prime’s lap…little tramp. Two things do come to mind though:  First, Shia, it appears your “Indy Whip” may not be as long as you thought it was and two, damn I wish I could be Bumblebee for a day…imagine the shit he has seen.

This one isn’t a new one…but damn it looks good!

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