Mr Walken, I want to have your love-child. Love, Hellfire

The Man

The Man

Christopher Walken

I must say that i really wanna go see that new bond movie. I really like all the people who have played James Bond really. However, if i had to say who fit the character the most i would probably have to say Daniel Craig. Well most all of the people who played the role resemble some bond qualities, but Daniel Craig touched the important aspects that matches the entertainment that people today want. So, people really want to see the really violent bond as well as the fact that he is ruthless. All i have to say is that Roger Moore is a cool dude and that i have to say i like his bond movies the most. Well mainly because “A View to a Kill” stars THE WALKEN as the villian. All in all the fact remains I AND EVERYONE ELSE WANTS TO BE ENTERTAINED THEREFORE I NEED SOMETHING NEW TO WATCH!!! I am really disappointed in Hollywood because it really has not done anything noteworthy since the summer.

“I need more cowbell”


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