X-Men First Class (The Next X-Men Project)

It looks like rather than expanding on the current movie X-Men universe and continuing to develop a lot of the characters they introduced in the Last Stand, 20th Century Fox (who owns the film right’s to X-Men after deals made in the 90’s when Marvel was under the gun financially), is going towards the “Youth Route” with X-Men First Class.

According to Zak Penn (who is writing the Avengers movie, and was involved with both Hulk films, Elektra, the X-Men movies, and FUCKING Inspector Gadget (wtf??), he is leaning towards the comics of the same name that began in 2006 and ended in 2007.

Included in those comics as part of the line ups:  Professor X, Jean Grey, Iceman, Cyclops (on a side note, why the hell did Fox kill off Scott Summers? I’m not a huge fan of Cyclops in any medium but why kill him off?), Beast, Angel, Machine Man, and Medusa.  I think Thor is even bouncing around one of the issues.

Honestly I really don’t care because outside of Wolverine, the Villains are still the best in these movies but the villain line up from the First Class comics was nothing short of big smelly POOP (The Lizard?  Dragon Man? Come on?  And no traditional X-Men villains?).

Josh Schwartz of Gossip Girl, the O.C., and Chuck (god damn that’s really making me angry reading that) is set to write the script.  But maybe if he can actually make an interesting flick, it’ll give him some much needed street cred.  Movie is slated to be released 2010.

All right, look, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not a big fan of Canada.  Watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. But outside of Rush, Wolverine and maybe Maple Syrup, the best thing that came from our “friends” to the north is the super hero group Alpha Flight

God I really really loved these guys and yes, Wolverine was a member of the team at one point.  I loved the first issue where they are telling the traditional super heroes of the time (Spidey, Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and the X-Men) to step aside because it was a job “only they could handle”.  Yeah sorry Canada, that’s why they call it fantasy. But still pretty cool and instant cred.

BTW I had issue #1 along with a ton of other comics ..including The Secret Wars…but my beloved mother threw them away…grrrfargelfart.  Shit still pisses me off (but not as much as Scorp’s mom tossing out his Star Wars crap when he was a kid…teh heh.  I love to remind him about all of the Star Wars goodies I still have under lock and key in my attic) Anyways, those comics probably weren’t worth anything though considering the amount of time I had them in the bathroom looking at them (Heather Hudson…I love you)

And yes, I would even take Northstar if that was a condition to make an Alpha Flight movie.

Outside of Robin, Bruce Banner, The Raw Hide Kid, Zan, Hellfire, and Aquaman, he was the first openly gay super hero.  20th Century Fox, if you are seriously considering re-infusing the genre, go the Alpha Flight route…or include them in the next Wolverine movie…your friend and loyal supporter, Grumms…

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