New X-Men Origins: Wolverine Bad Ass Trailer!

Those of you that paid your good hard earned money to see Keanu destroy a planet with his bad acting JUST to see the X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer I hope got your moneys worth (yeah I chickened out at the last minute.  Sorry Butters for leaving you at the movie theater with two tickets…that you bought…oopsie).  Those of you who didn’t get to go, can now see the entire trailer here, in beautiful HD glory…and without dick heads standing up to get popcorn blocking the screen in front of you.


My initial thoughts, some of the fight scenes (primarily between Sabretooth and Wolverine) look a little “fake”.  I don’t know if that’s the right word, but the whole Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon wire work from the last decade is starting to numb me.  I know that it’s hard to replicate what you can do from an illustration in a comic, but I don’t recall too many of “those” type of scenes in Ironman.  Maybe it is a design thing…fluidity, but still I’m certain the movie is going to be incredible, so I’m not going to let one scene in the trailer discourage me.

Gambit looks like he is straight out of a Barbie Princess fantasy movie.  Sorry Gambit fans, but I cannot stand that character and I especially cannot stand this incarnation of him.  He looked a lot better in the Fox cartoon from the early 90’s…glowing red eyes…cool uni…I dunno.

Here he is getting his ass whooped by Wolverine…uh from that same Fox cartoon.  Still works for me.  Hopefully there is more of that in the movie.


The Blob looks surprisingly really good and I caught a glimpse of a young Storm in one quick scene.  Check out the pic’s off the trailer below (yes including a bunch of Gambit ones just to satiate your desire to see him).

Here is Gambit spinning his purple glowing staff around (Mace Windu you are not my friend).  And yes, no red eyes…why??

Here he is again busting a couple of guys making out in a back alley…his staff glows even more neon angry purple the closer their lips get.

He then blows up those two kissing guys kissing, because they did not include him in their make out session

Sabretooth doing his best Planet of the Apes impression.  I most definitely approve.

Storm as a little girl?  You know it…or someone got into mommy’s bleach.  Gotta be Storm…

The Blob gears up for a wild upper cut as Spring Break Will i Am looks on (guys wearing that style of cowboy hat should be drawn and quartered.  Why do it?  I don’t get it).  BTW, love the “Save the Whales” t-shirt from the Blob.  I wonder if Hugh Jackman actually got hit because he sure does have a “I’m About to Shit My Pants!” look on his face

Awesome shot of Wolverine (very tiny in the center) jumping from the Disney MGM Studios Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular to a moving Huey.  Nice!

Wolverine walks away from said huey…and into our hearts….

Agent Zero about to bust a cap in Wolverine’s ass.  The guy is right there as they create Wolverine.  He knows he can heal and is indestructible.  Why the fuck try to shoot him?  I bet Agent Zero dies horribly in the movie

Agent Zero from the comics.  Both look cool.  Can’t complain.

Overall, regardless of all the crap I said above, the movie is going to be extremely awesome and I honestly cannot wait for it to come out.  Looking forward to more trailer goodies and pictures over the next few months.

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