X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer


This vid has been floating around the YouTube streams for the past several months (since Comic Con) and before it gets yanked, figure I would share with anyone that wants to have a look-see.

And I have to say it looks grade A fucking awesome!  Tyler Mane did a serviceable job as Sabretooth in the first X-Men flick, but Liev Shreiber is going to blow it straight up! (and yes I AM considering growing out my lambchops for the premiere, Sabretooth and Gorilla Grodd style)

And for those keeping score at home, in the trailer you can see William Striker, Silver Fox, Deadpool! (NiCE), the Blob, Gambit!, Kestrel (Will.i.am as a teleporting mutant).  Damn that last scene in the trailer looks so fucking GOOD (and creamy)!


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