Underwear Needs More of This

I was going through my email this morning and a “good pal” of mine sent me this video.   HOLY SHIT I can finally say that an American advertising agency hit the nail on the head.  First off they are taking hints from our advertising neighbors across the Atlantic by using fine ass (almost) nude women and second with their slogan of “Men don’t want to look at naked men” (ain’t that the damn truth) you can bet that jbs underwear just hit the grand tamale of men’s underwear commercials.  I cannot think of anything sexier than a hot ass half naked woman tromping around in a pair of tighty whiteys.  My whole morning was fulfilled with pleasure as I watched the video at least 10 times (call that brilliant marketing or I am just a total PERV).  My favorite commercial up until this morning was Miss Klum ripping her clothes off for the new Guitar Hero promo.


WOW!  And call me gay, but Heidi was not even in my top 10 women to stalk until I saw her rip her shirt off and shake that “C” cup water filled Victorias Secret bra all across the screen.  But I must say that this new tighty whitey blond vixen has just excited every mediclorean in my laser sword.  Please use her again.  And again.  And again.  Whew, I think I need to go watch it once more…

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