Awesome leaked Pics and Footage From Star Wars Battlefront III

These days in our Star Wars universe, it’s very tough to get excited about anything.  Yes, I’m still on the look out for the ultra awesomely cool Star Wars/Disney Big Figs (especially the Darth Donald one…damn you Disney!) and Mighty Muggs collecting is taking up a decent chunk of my “collecting time”, but the last Star Wars game was horrendous (Star Wars Unleashed started off bad, then had some pretty cool scenes with the Droid Jedi Council, then laid a gigantic turd with the ending) and Star Wars Clone Wars (the TV show) is unwatchable (sorry people that are religiously watching…I’m just sick and tired of the Clone Wars era.  Where are the Bounty Hunters??).

But some of the stuff “leaking” out for the new Battlefront III game looks pretty awesome.  Now admittedly I played the original Battlefront VERY often and I think I only played Battlefront II once.  The space battles were pretty cool, but if I recall there was a lot of lag and I was in full blown Planetside mode.  Battlefront III is something altogether different as it would be on the PS3 platform which instantly gives it some credibility (some).

A week or so ago, some pics were leaked showing Han Solo, Palpatine, some Jawa’s, and Royal Guard.  They look pretty amazing.  You almost want to brush away Harrison’s hair out of his face don’t you?

And check out these pics of someone called “Dark Obi Wan”:

From IGN, the note on the top left says An old man, gnarled by the corruption of the dark side. Mostly a hermit, he wanders searching for places and things with strong connections to the dark side. Any artifacts he finds, (e.g. force crystals, talismans, bones) he keeps about his person in pouches or threaded through his clothes. Currently, found in the swamps of Dagobah.

Awesome stuff.  And IGN also reviewed some leaked footage of the game.


Overall, everything looks very very promising.  Could this finally be the “project” that reestablishes George Lucas in Star Wars Geek Nation?  I hope so.  Without “this” (and any soon future projects), can the Bounty Hunter T.V. series ever be made??

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