Fanboys Is Debuting On February 6th

I do not know how many of you are stoked about this movie, but Grumms and I first got a glimpse of it during Celebration IV in Los Angeles.  Let me tell you this;  even if this movie is the worst thing to hit the silver screen since George Lucas in his infinite wisdom decided to put a gay Hutt in the Clone Wars movie (seriously George WTF were you thinking man), it will still be worth watching.


Do not argue with me on this.  You would give your left testicle to be able to do a secret mission and break into Skywalker Ranch.  You would.  Don’t even debate it.  YOU KNOW YOU WOULD!

Alright so if you are really dying to go and check this movie out (I know I am) here is the list of where it will be debuting:

New York
1. AMC Lincoln Square
2. AMC Empire
3. Regal Union Square
4. Regal Farmingdale
5. Regal New Roc City

Los Angeles
1.Mann Chinese
2.Arclight Sherman Oaks
3.AMC Santa Monica
4.AMC Rolling Hills
5.Regal Long Beach 26

1. Landmark Ritz at Bourse
2. AMC Neshaminy
3. AMC Cherry Hill

1. AMC Pipers Alley
2. AMC River East and a midnight screening
3. AMC Barrington 30

San Francisco
1. AMC Metre on 16
2. Century 20 Downtown Redwood City
3. Century 20 Daly City
4. Century Northgate 15 Cinemas

1. AMC Studio 30 and a midnight screening
2. AMC Gulf Pointe 30
3. CITY Angelika Film Center

1. AMC Pacific Place
2. Centurion Lincoln Square Bellevue
3. Regal Alderwood
4. Regal Parkway Plaza 12 Tukwila
5. AMC Cinerama – Thursday midnight, Friday and Sunday – NO SATURDAY.

1. Alamo Ritz and a midnight screening

Good Luck to all and if you live in Houston Grumms and I will definitely be there.  Just look for the two guys sitting in the audience together…


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