Hollywood Paraphernalia Auction (Luke Skywalkers ACTUAL Lightsaber and more!)

Consider yourself to be the “ultimate fan” of the Star Wars movies and canon?  Call yourself an avid collector that would go to any length to get that “special item” from your favorite movie that no one else has?  Have a couple hundred thousand dollars burning a hole in your padawan pouch?  If so, go on over to Profile In Histories Hollywood Auction #33 on Dec 11th for some genuine awesome movie items.

With currently 500 amazing actual Hollywood and movie props and paraphernelia, if you have the cayeesh and want something cool this is the auction for you.

Some of the Star Wars items to be auctioned off:

Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber from a New Hope and ESB.  Just a mere $150K to $180K and according to Profiles in History, it is a “non-fighting version”…so I guess that means it does not ignite…uh.  Oh and a cool side note, this one was created from a antique Graflex flash gun (used in vintage cameras from the 30’s).  Check out the second pic

Another item up for bid’s is the C3PO helmet worn by Anthony Daniels in ROTJ.

According to Profiles, “the helmet is complete with brass eyepieces, forward-mounted brass antenna on top, brass neck bolts and flexible plastic collar” and will cost you around $60 to $80K.  Too cool!

Some of the other Star Wars items, C3PO’s hands from ROTJ

and a original screen-used sectional piece of the Death Star.  Very cool.

And for those that went to Celebration last year, a lot of the Vader Masks from the very very cool Vader Project are also up for bids

All of these items come with signed letters of authenticity and yes, they are all going to cost you thousands and thousands of galactic credits, but if you have them to spare, very much worth it.

I looked through the other 500 items and found these very cool things that you will be able to bid on:

Russell Crowe’s hero Maximus’s shield from Gladiator, a black Spidey mask from Spiderman 3, a battle scarred shield, sword and spear from 300, Biff Tannen’s “Pitbull” hover-board from Back to the Future 2 (there are also other ones from the rest of Biff’s gang), T-800 Terminator hand and glove from the movie The Terminator (also Terminator costume and glasses from T2 and all kinds of other cool Terminator stuff), the “Loki-mask” from the movie The Mask, a Heath Ledger Joker blood-spattered Joker playing card from Batman: The Dark Knight (too fucking cool), Wolverine black leather battle-suit from X-Men, a Lensor costume from Chronicles of Riddick (nice!), a signature Indiana Jones fedora and whip from Temple of Doom, and my personal favorite the Sydney gorilla mask from The Incredible Shrinking Woman! (although after all of these years, I still can’t get that demon spawned song out of my head “Galaxy Glue! Galaxy Glue!  What would we do without Galaxy Glue!”  Ugh!)

I personally have a similar looking gorilla mask that I like to wear just to freak out people walking in my neighborhood.  I run up to them with the gorilla mask on, scare the ever living shit out of them, and then tell them it was a great big joke pointing at the fake mask I’m wearing, and as we are laughing about how funny the scare was, I then remove the mask to reveal my actual freakin gorilla face.  I once made a guy shit his pants three times playing this joke on him (and yes, once he was passed out cold, I checked his pants and was able to determine three separate bowel movements…hey, I don’t ask questions about you…don’t ask questions about me)

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