Stormtroopers Time Off

I have this great fascination on the topic of “what a Stormtrooper does when they get off work.”  Really.  What would you do if you were a Stormtrooper, you worked for the largest evil corporation in the galaxy and someone actually gave you the day off of work.  It is just one of those silly little geek things that compels my mind into a whirlwind of senseless fodder.

This video really struck me as funny because I never really thought too much into the world of Trooper calisthenics.  I bet it would be quite a bitch to get your heart rate up when your body movement is constricted by the armor.  Dude just get naked next time.  Do all of the clones have equal cock size?  Or do you think that one of the Kaminoans were fucked up like that scientist that made the Body Worlds exhibit (if you do not know what I am talking about look at the Rearing Horse with Rider exhibit and check out the schlong on the rider.  It is bigger than the horse!) and fused on giant Rancor cock or were they evil and fused on a tiny furry Tauntaun peter.  Either way you know that the Kaminoans had to of fucked with at least one or two of the clones.


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