The Original Star Wars Spoof

We have seen them all, Star Wars Gangster Rap, The Star Wars Kid, Star Wars Cops, Chad Vader, The Empire Brokeback and the list goes on and on.  Obviously there was only one feature film that actually spoofed Star Wars and it was created by Mel Brooks back in 1987.  This spectacular and hilarious movie was Spaceballs, but this is still not the movie that I am referring to.  Released in 1977 shortly after the 1977 release of Episode IV, it was created by independent film maker Ernie Fosselius on a budget of only $8,000.

Here is a little quick fact about the film; it grossed over a million dollars which is still considered to be one of the highest grossing independent films and even had a higher profit ratio than Star Wars itself.  George Lucas has even been quoted as saying that this is still his favorite Star Wars parody of all time.  If you were one of the lucky people that actually caught this film playing at select theaters around the nation you have definite bragging rights.

I for one was not able to see the movie in the theater, but I did catch it on HBO back in the day.  I can remember looking in the HBO guide to see when it was coming on and I would watch it over and over again.  If you have never seen this movie before and you consider yourself to be a true Star Wars fan, I must warn you that it is horribly funny.  When you are seven years old and something like this comes along that is making fun of your favorite movie, you tend to look at things in a different light.  Now I think it is dumb as hell, but it still makes me laugh and I have fond memories of this short film.  Boys and girls I present you…


Part One


Part Two


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